Things you can eat at a vegan food festival

Although there are many controversial studies that fail to reveal the actual positive influences of a vegetarian lifestyle in the long term, more and more people seem to gradually cut out meat from their daily diets and replace it with healthier, cruelty-free alternatives.

Whether you’re an animal activist or a simple person looking for a healthier lifestyle, there is no better time in the recent history of humanity to become a vegetarian.

Luckily, you’ll now be supported by an entire industry of vegan, cruelty-free meals, coffee shops, restaurants, farms, and even festivals. So, if you decided to tour some of this year’s trendiest vegan food festivals, here are some of the 100% vegan and vegetarian dishes you can enjoy.


Try the food samples first

Assuming you’re at a vegan food festival for the first time in your life, there is no rush buying all of the foods available. In fact, each festival will provide over 100-200 different free food samples so you can first taste before you buy. Prepare your stomachs as you’ll go for a global trip and find exquisite dishes from all corners of the world, from Mexican to Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, Thai or Italian.


Dairy-free but delicious desserts

When it comes to desserts, many of us cannot think beyond cheese, cream, yogurt or eggs as the main ingredients for delicious chocolate mousses, ice creams, cheesecakes and tarts. However, vegan food festivals are all about dairy substitutes so it is high time you tasted some raw-vegan delicious desserts instead.

Raw-vegan desserts will make even the most skeptical attendant lick his fingers and ask for another portion. And the best thing of all? These delicious sweet treats are often packed with limited calories and made only with natural and premium ingredients, so they will totally fit a low-calorie diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Vegetarian fast food

Although most of the delicious vegan fast foods are full of natural ingredients and low calories, who said that your food has to taste like paper in order to be healthy? On the contrary, if you stick to traditional cooking methods and use top-quality ingredients, even fast foods can become not only delicious but nutritious too.

And what better way to get a taste of all the wonders of fast food gastronomy if not at a vegan food festival?

There are countless options to choose from, including tasty veggie pizza, low-calorie fries with thousands of healthy dips, vegetarian burritos, tapas, nachos, and even sausages, falafels, burgers or meatless balls.

If you still aren’t convinced, we suggest you buy a ticket to one of this year’s hottest vegetarian food festivals and see for yourself exactly how you can live a conscious, cruelty-free lifestyle.