My favorite online music courses


Not everyone has access to music courses held by prestigious universities. Some of us barely have time to read a book in our spare time. This is the reason why we need a helping hand that can show us how easy it is to learn music.

Showcased below you’ll find a nice selection of online music courses that can enhance your knowledge about music and help you achieve your goal without having to leave the privacy of your own room.


  1. Alison

Even though it’s not a music school, Alison is an excellent online resource where you can learn about all sort of cool things, including music. On a regular basis, this learning community offers different music courses that cover important topics related to music theory. The information is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. There are modular that teach about rudimentary things like octaves, cadences, as well as augmented and diminished intervals.

In addition, this online platform gives you the opportunity to practice the things you learn. The entire course requires almost 6 hours to complete and it is completely free and self-guided.


  1. Udemy

A bit similar to Alison, this website is an excellent choice if you’re looking for variety. You can check interesting courses about playing the piano, singing, music composition, and reading music notes. Every once in a while, you’ll notice new subjects added to the courses.

Depending on your availability and willingness to learn, Udemy offers music courses that range from $19 to almost $200. The most important aspect is that this is the right place to polish some knowledge about fancy stuff like music software, instruments, music production, and vocal techniques.

Although there are private teachers that contribute to the courses, the main principle at Udemy is self-guiding.


  1. Wendy’s Music

Some people require a more traditional approach that includes access to a library filled with music resources. Wendy’s Music is where you can take part in online music classes where you are thought everything from fundamental stuff to advanced music concepts.

Furthermore, the website provides modules about Core Training along with relevant information that you can download after you register on the platform. You have the possibility to either study at your own pace or use Wendy as your personal guide.


  1. BerkleeX

BerkleeX is, in fact, a free division of the Berklee College of Music. Given the reputation and the competitive curriculum, you could state that this is the perfect way to learn music online. The courses vary from season to season but you can still learn the typical introduction to music theory anytime you desire. Aside from this, you can take a look at useful aspects related to the music business, recording technologies, and entrepreneurship.

Maybe you won’t find everything that you’ve been looking for here but you can rest assured that the information you receive is valuable. Plus, there’s no fee involved.